Dee is co-creator of and Consultant to Catch Up Literacy - a structured one-to-one intervention programme which has benefited pupils from Y2 – Y8 in over 4,000 schools in the UK. 
Catch Up Literacy is targeted to the needs of individual learners. It is grounded in rigorous academic research, and has data to show that it can lead to Reading Age gains of more than twice the period of intervention. It is a proven and cost-effective programme that really makes a difference to pupils struggling with literacy. 
Catch Up Literacy is a book-based intervention which addresses all aspects of literacy learning. It is an approved Wave 3 intervention (‘What Works for Children with Literacy Problems?’ Brooks, G. 2007) 
It is based on a twice weekly 15 minute teaching session with the individual pupil. Apart from improvements in Reading Age, schools report that Catch Up pupils are generally: 
~ more self-confident 
~ motivated in class 
~ in control of their learning 
~ confident to write independently 
~ improved attitude to English and other subjects on the curriculum 
Catch Up Literacy is available as a comprehensive and integrated training and resource package. 
If you would like to know how Catch Up Literacy can make a difference in your school go to 
literacy through catch up
Other sites useful for schools, Head Teachers, Literacy co-ordinators: 
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