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About Dee Reid 
Welcome to Dee Reid’s website which has been created for you to discover how her specialist skills can provide your school with the support and help needed to overcome literacy problems for children. 
Would your school benefit from practical, timely and interactive training on literacy issues? 
Are you looking to provide a consistent approach to the teaching of reading and writing across the school? 
Does your school need a literacy framework to ensure the steady progress of children through to the KS2 assessments and beyond? 
Do you have children who are struggling with literacy, who have low self-esteem and whose behaviour is causing a barrier to learning? 
Dee provides a tailored set of different courses that can address these issues either as part of INSET or as a course for a cluster of schools. Dee's training can provide a mechanism for all those involved to understand, reinforce and adopt good practice, with ideas to help your pupils achieve their potential. 
For more information look at the Course page or call Dee on  
0118 9344430 or use our contact us form. 
Dee has also written a wide range of books that are used extensively in UK schools and worldwide. To find out more about these publications you will find a brief summary of the aims and goals of the different series on the Publications page. 
Dee's training days are are both informative and entertaining and she is regularly voted as a top-rated trainer by external course providers. Here are some typical delegate responses: 
"Fantastic course, really informative. It gave me some great tips to use in my lessons."  
"Excellent knowledge of subject. Variety of activites, including Brain Gym, reading and writing putting us in the place of children. Good materials to take and use in school." 
"Charismatic and a pleasure to listen to. Great pace! Time flew by. This course will really help me to help my pupils! 10/10" 
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