Speaking and listening 
Speaking and listening are the literacy skills that underpin all learning. Pupils will struggle to develop as readers and writers if they lack competence and confidence in communicating orally. 
The course covers: 
a range of practical ways to ensure that speaking and listening skills are specifically taught to draw out the timid communicator and to help more voluble learners use their spoken language to develop their skills in reading and writing 
systematic ways of assessing pupils’ progress in speaking and listening skills 
helping to improve childrens reading
Beginner readers 
Every school strives to give all its pupils the best start to literacy skills, but what is the best start? 
This course gives a thorough grounding of all the elements of reading: 
☆ Phonics 
☆ Sight words 
☆ Comprehension 
It also demonstrates how to effectively hear children read and how to use the information diagnostically. 
Guided reading 
Guided reading is the most effective way of developing children’s reading skills. It also engages children’s interest and hooks them into reading. 
At Key Stage 1 the focus will be on decoding and literal comprehension while for more confident readers the focus will switch to inferential comprehension.  
The course includes: 
☆ video footage to demonstrate key techniques of running guided reading sessions 
☆ practical solutions to the thorny issue of what the rest of the class are doing while the teacher works with a group. 
Guided writing 
Guided writing is the key teaching link between whole class demonstration writing and pupils writing independently. It can target the particular needs of an ability organised group to consolidate learning and extend skills. 
Quality guided writing sessions will have real impact on improving pupils’ writing. 
The course demonstrates: 
☆ what skills are best taught in guided writing sessions 
☆ how to organise groups 
☆ how to deal with the practical issues of managing guided writing effectively. 
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