Quality training can give staff practical ways of tackling the literacy challenges faced by schools. It enables teachers to re-fresh their own practice and to see how innovative ideas can be implemented in the classroom. 
Dee’s training will: 
Help schools achieve the best possible results for all children 
Inform teachers of new research 
Provide practical solutions that really work in the classroom 
Refresh ideas, pass on good practice, learn from others 
Provide a uniform understanding and continuity of practice to ensure constant progress 
"...excellent - very approachable and knowledgeable."  
Course delegate, London 2013 
"...innovative, inspiring, well-paced."  
Course delegate, London 2013 
These INSET courses are tailored to your needs, providing help to: 
☆ implement strategies through analysis of children’s problems 
☆ discover techniques to motivate disaffected pupils 
☆ explore practical ways of monitoring the improvement 
Key Stage 1 - Dee offers these courses: 
☆ Speaking and listening - the literacy skills that underpin all learning 
☆ Beginner Readers - the elements of reading 
☆ Guided Reading - introducing reading skills 
☆ Guided Writing - introducing writing skills 
☆ Spelling - phonics and sight words 
Key Stage 2 - Dee offers these courses: 
☆ Struggling readers and writers - ‘back-to-basics’ revision of the core skills of reading and spelling 
☆ Guided Reading - developing further reading skills 
☆ Guided Writing - developing further writing skills 
☆ Spelling - how to teach to avoid spelling errors occurring again and again 
For Teaching Assistants - Dee provides: 
☆ Support Staff courses - created to boost their skills and abilities in supporting teachers and pupils 
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